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How MICRO Pedi works

The secret is in the unique micro-mineral roller which spins 360⁰, at an amazing 30 times a second, painlessly removing microscopic layers of hard, dry skin. Gentle on soft sensitive skin, yet impressive on rough, tough feet.

The ergonomic silicone grip handle of the MICRO Pedi ensures complete control, while the water-resistant taper-angled head lets you reach the hardest of places with the greatest of ease. It works quickly and effectively to remove calluses, corns and dry cracked skin.

The MICRO Pedi works perfectly as part of your home pedicure kit. The two interchangeable rollers help you deal with varying degrees of tough skin, which also help exfoliate certain areas of your feet at the same time.

You can achieve a salon style pedicure for a fraction of the cost when you use the MICRO Pedi, which is quick and easy to use and leaves your feet feeling smooth and soft. Say goodbye to cracked heels and rough or dry skin. Much safer and more effective than the traditional scrapers and graters and with no fiddly attachments, the MICRO Pedi is the home pedicure device of choice for thousands of women across the world.

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